Aortic Insufficiency



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Diastolic flow reversal in the descending aorta:




Pitfalls in aortic leaflet coaptation.

Excerpt from the International Echocardiography Discussion List:
The M-mode shows that the middle echo of the closed aortic valve is not a single or nearly single line but shows two centered separate lines. This would suggest wide open aortic regurgitation. However, one must be careful with such a diagnosis since angulation of the M-mode beam plays a role as well as the location i.e. where the commisures of a malformed valve are cut. To read severity of valvular disease from this M-mode picture alone cannot be recommended. The 2D echo below is from the same patient and shows the diastolic aortic leaflet separation.
Helmut F. Kuecherer, MD
University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany.




"Diastolic dip" of the interventricular septum.




Central diastolic orifice.



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