Aortic Stenosis: Chest X-Rays

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Circulation. 1975 Feb;51(2):389-93.
The deceptive aortic root.
Viamote M, Camacho M, Cahill DR, Viamonte M, Mori K.

Coronal, horizontal, and sagittal sections through the mid-line are excellent ways of depicting the anatomical position of the aortic root and for studying its topographical relationship to the surrounding vascular structures. Minimal radiographic abnormalities or no abnormalities at all may be present with an enlarged ascending portion of the thoracic aorta. Thus, frontal chest roentgenograms obtained with high kilovoltage, fluoroscopy and left anterior oblique projections should be utilized routinely for the evaluation of the ascending aorta. Calcification of the aortic valve and of the coronary arteries and the study of aortic valve prosthesis also demand a dynamic study and the use of complementary views, such as lateral and both oblique projections.

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