Cardiac Myxomas

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Intracardiac myxomas are most commonly found in the left atrium. The tumor is typically pedunculated. The most common point of attachment is at the atrial septum in the region of the fossa ovalis. Once the diagnosis is made, the tumor is removed surgically. Follow up echocardiograms are performed to rule out recurrence. The references below reflect the different opinions on rate of recurrence.

The biplane image below displays the stalk and the tissue characteristics of the myxoma.

Selected References

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Transesophageal image demonstrating the typical pedunculated attachment to the interatrial septum of a left atrial myxoma.

Transthoracic apical view of a left atrial myxoma.

Biplane transesophageal view showing simultaneous transverse and longitudinal planes of a left atrial myxoma. The stalk is visible in the longitudinal plane.

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