PediHeart faq (Frequently asked questions)

  1. How do I access the PediHeart on the Web?
  2. I am a PediHeart member and receive messages normally but when I try to post a message the listserver tells me I am not a member.
  3. My posting is rejected by the listserver due to existence of a "message ID".
  4. Every so often the listserver drops my name from member list.

Accessing PediHeart On the Web

Before you can access PediHeart you need to get your password. (you only have to do this once)


Access the PediHeart www page

Go to the PediHeart home page (
Click on "archives"
For user ID enter your e-mail address exactly as you are known by the PediHeart. USE CAPS ONLY
For Password enter the PASSWORD that you set up for yourself (see above). USE CAPS ONLY
(This can be done from any computer, not just the one that you used to subscribe from).

The rest is more or less self explanatory.

Once you get used to using the Web to access PediHeart, you should unclutter your mailbox by trying one of the following: